Current Daily Schedule

Each day in FoundAISHons balances learning, recreational activities, and free time to help ensure that you enjoy the most uplifting, memorable, and meaningful days of your life!


Interpersonal Relationships

Judaism is a relationship, not a religion. We recognize that relationships- family, friends, professional, romantic- drive your life. It’s time to finally focus on how to get the most out of your daily interactions using the timeless wisdom of our Torah.
Currently we’re focusing on how we speak to/about one another and how we treat each other’s property.

Jewish Philosophy

No longer limited to a late-night DMC (deep meaningful conversation)! Philosophize with some of the brightest educators in the world about the biggest questions life has to offer:
  • Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • What’s Judaism’s view of the afterlife?
  • Reincarnation is a Jewish idea? Explain!
  • Free will & God’s omniscience- Are both true?
  • And many more!

Text-Based Workshops

Crack open thousands of years of tradition with your own two hands and study what the Torah actually says! Learn how to dissect the ancient yet relevant words of our Sages with the help of our Hebrew ulpan classes and your very own private reading/writing tutors!


Personal Growth

Mentorships in mindfulness, meditation, character development, and confidence with our young, relatable staff of rabbis who have been there and done that. They’re here to guide you towards authentic self-actualization in a friendly, chilled environment.

Ignite Your Passion for Judaism

Check out what Aish Foundations can offer you

Ignite Your Passion for Judaism

Check out what Aish Foundations can offer you